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How to get in touch with us / Imprint

Snail mail:
Dr. Wetter IT Consulting
Ebertallee 16
D-22607 Hamburg

VAT ID No.:  DE 231067249 (European VAT ID)
Phone/Fax: +49-(40)-2442035-1/-2

We prefer encrypted electronic communication. Please use our PGP key which is also available on several keyservers. Its fingerprint is: 26E7 E40F 8D22 36BB 55EA EE60 B905 3A4A 58F5 4F17.

Imprint/Responsible for this site is: Dr. Dirk Wetter, for postal address see above

Abusing the contact info from this domain for unsolicited calls/e-mails/faxes which has no connection to our business will be traced back at your cost. Further costs may be imposed on you subject to legal measures we'll take.